Executive Search

Clifford Baines International provide executive search services to our clients in the Technology, Media & Telecoms market. Our search department is encountering unprecedented growth as our clients continue to demand dynamic leaders with outstanding track records.

We generally recommend an executive search to uncover top-tier talent as these individuals are rarely on the market and looking for jobs. These professionals also benefit from our search consultants who have in-depth market knowledge and industry expertise to make confidential and informative approaches.

Our retained search is a rigorous process to help us identify, assess and recruit talented executives worldwide. We have listed some key steps in the search process below:

  • Our market sector search consultant will meet our client and discuss the job description
  • Our consultant and client will define a list of ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ requirements to fulfil the role successfully
  • Our consultant and client will agree a target list of companies to headhunt suitable candidates

Our headhunting services commence and candidates are assessed against the job profile, agreed criteria and cultural fit

  • Our consultant and team conduct a thorough sweep of the market and produce a longlist of suitable candidates
  • Our consultant will then interview the longlist of candidates and provide the client with written reports and recommendations
  • Our client will then select a shortlist of candidates and commence interviewing
  • Our consultant will manage the entire search process through to candidate offer and start date

In the current economic climate our clients seek the best available talent to gain a competitive advantage in their respective market. To appoint the very best candidate our consultants need to search the entire market and to do that we recommend an executive retained search. We offer this service in Europe and International.